Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog- Ingredients of a Secret Family Recipe

(Pictured Granny, Momma, Me, each of us at age 17- hairstyle commentary on future blog)

So there has been some concern voiced over Granny Ruth’s Red Velvet Cake (GRRVC) recipe being blabbed all over the internet. Flattered that someone thought my blog was that popular, I immediately checked to see whether the Drudge Report had picked up a news story related to Granny Ruth. Shockingly enough, no mention of red velvet cake there, but I learned that Obama has now taken Hillary to the mat (Hillary, you should have passed out GRRVC at the polls, girly girl).

Still a wee bit concerned that I might have over-exposed the family, I ventured out to Joey’s House of Pizza for my favorite lunch. Joey Macca’s chicken parmesan is responsible for at least 10 lbs of my previous ‘baby weight’ and Joey and his wife Chris are behind the counter and asking me how’s the baby doing, yadda, yadda, yadda. I told Chris how I have Granny Ruth’s picture beside her cake recipe on my blog and asked her ‘How do you know a recipe is a family secret?’ Okay, so they aren’t southern and don’t know much about red velvet cake, but they are Italian restaurant owners with lovely Brooklyn accents- they KNOW secret family recipe etiquette, know what I’m sayin? So I thought about what Chris said while I devoured my delicious chicken parm and here’s my press release on the subject:

Okay, so Granny freely shared the recipe with anyone that asked for it. My mother verified this fact for me. And Granddaddy was married to her for over 35 years and never knew it was a secret. In all her days, Granny never once withheld a recipe from anyone claiming it was ‘classified’. The woman was proud of her cookin’ skills and would have shouted it from the mountain tops. And, finally, no one in the family makes a living off this secret recipe. So it ‘s fair bloggin’ material.

And I know that Granny Ruth would be ‘tickled’ that her sweet little picture and her superb recipe were featured on my website, almost two decades after her passing.

Where do you think I get it all from, anyway- the cooking, the craftiness, the call to any stage that’s willing to hear me speak? She’s actually the one that put me on stage the first time, backing me up on piano with a ‘Do Lord’ and ‘Nothin but the Blood’ solo performance at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Hesitant to share her talents, she was not. And her spirit lives on here, with me. I won’t ever apologize for that.

Let’s all be sensitive to anyone concerned about this recipe leaking to the masses via this blog (and I hope it does because I signed this website up for google adds – cha’ ching baby!). So, if you decide to print out the recipe and pass it on, give due props to Granny Ruth.

And further expanding my bloggin skills, check out the new survey I added on the subject in the top right margin…

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