Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi Batman!

Here's a little video from Sunday (mostly for remote Pappy to enjoy). The viewer really feels like they have been transported into the pages of a comic book, as Blaine adds the special comic book effects- Crash, Boom, Bam.

To the untrained eye it looks like just another kid video, but it really represents a re-birth of technology here at the Warmbrod house.

We purchased a new video camera when Drew was born, and it was agony transferring the tape to DVD using our PC. To summarize, we'll just say the DVD burner blew up. So here I am, new blogger, with no way to get my videos on the web. So, so sad.

A lady of action, in between client meetings yesterday, I wandered into the Apple store. Twenty dollars later, our 6 yr. old Mac saves the day again! I came home with the new cable, plugged it into the camera and the Mac, and Presto! I was transferring a clip from Sunday's video to youtube in about three minutes!

Haven't I watched enough Mac commercials to have discovered this sooner??!! Certainly it was the brainwash effect from reading way too many Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Business Solutions manuals this millenium (even as I type this, I am distracted by the Microsoft Certified Professional email that suddenly landed in my inbox- eerie proof that they are always watching...).

Which means way too many kid videos will be added to this blog until I work it out of my system (or begin to knit something fabulous).... Enjoy!

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