Friday, February 15, 2008

Thank You, Easter Bunny! Bock, Bock!

I will follow the lead of mass retailers and get Easter in full swing before you've even finished your box of Valentine choc-lits! Easter is my favorite holiday and I love, love, love this recently discovered photo of our beloved Chew-Grammy. This is soooo, soooo Grammy! This is from Spring 1993 and if any of you know the story behind it, please, please share in comments.

And here are some of our eggs that we have painted over the years- Tommy & I are devestatingly horrible artists, but every year we break out the acrylic paints & take our creative frustrations out on unsuspecting boiled eggs. Grammy taught me that the boiled eggs would keep forever as long as they don't crack- who knew?!

'Bear & Bees' Tommy, 2006

'Chocolate Chicken' Janey, 2004 (from children's book 'Max & the Chocolate Chicken'

'Chickie' Grammy, 2006

'Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny' Tommy, 2004

'Glam Bunny' Janey, 2004

'Andrew', Grammy 2006 (before Drew was born)

'Ten Years of Wedded Bliss' Janey, 2007

Whale (Chasing Seal), Tommy, 2006

'The Year We Found Giant Crawfish in our Yard' Tommy, 2007