Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blaine's First Touchdown Pass

For my second post, I thought that I would wow the audience with a video clip. Flash back to August 2007 (look closely on the next episode of 'Lost'- you will see this same clip playing on a TV in one of the flash forward scenes)- one of the most exciting moments in Warmbrod Family History- Blaine's first touchdown pass. He threw 8 touchdown passes in his first season as quarterback, and this clip is actually his first three plays- ever- as quarterback. He was just barely six. We were shocked and thrilled- the prior season, he was ranked as one of the bottom two players on his team.

Recently, Blaine's class wrote 'how to' instructions on various subjects. Blaine reveals his QB secrets in this 'how to':

Translated: 1. Get the ball. 2. Get in ready position. 3. Throw the ball to your team. 4. Stay with the coach. It's that simple. Blaine shared this with Eli Manning just before the super bowl, and, well, that's how history is made, folks.
Honorable mention: Yesterday, with about 8 seconds left on the play clock, Blaine shot the winning goal for his basketball team to win 19-18. He jumped up, pulled down the rebound (his team had already shot twice and didn't make it) and right back up for two!! Off he ran to the other end of the court with a fist pump and a smile! Parents were immediately on their feet, cheering wildly- I received a high five or two fellow parents! Another grand, proud moment in Warmbrod Family History. He celebrated afterwards with a chocolate milkshake with whip cream and M & M sprinkles.

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