Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Warmbrod Adventures

I'm still buried with work.... very stressed that Go Live Day for a very large project is in one week and the production server is slower than Christmas.... so pardon me as I ramble on crazily....about our Christmas Trip to the Keys and other adventures... I'm too tired to edit.

February Adventure

the first time on a snow ramp for at least two of us Warmbrods
This was a great day filled with friends and fun. I threw together a feast for four families in between outings and the whole day was good times, laughter, and good people. It was the first day since our Christmas vacation that I did not work at all.

December Adventure- This is the oceanside picnic after our kayak adventure in the Keys. If you look closely- waaaaaayyyyy out to sea- you see a very small island where we had just kayaked to and fro. There are full grown trees on that island- this should give you a sense of how far a Warmbrod is willing to sea kayak.

Didn't think that you could afford a private island in the keys? Consider renting this little jewel from Banana Bay Resort on Key Marathon. Warmbrods kayaked all the way around it- twice (after our jaunt to the little island mentioned above), and we're considering it for a return trip.

This is my favorite of holiday spirit in the Keys- Santa's rope beard! We were charmed by the tackiest of Florida Christmas decorations. Christmas lights on palm trees and boats- hard to photograph but very fun to see!.

More from our Key West Trip on the side bar....but I warn you, we're not great with a camera...