Monday, February 18, 2008

Girls Scout Cookie Day

For this look, you need: hand-me-down oversized T-shirt, big brother's shoes (wrong feet), and Daddy's baseball cap.

Parmesan cheese shreds were on sale at the market, so I tried out an edible salad bowl (which I have wanted to do since I saw it in a Southern Living cookbook). Spray a skillet w/ nonstick spray, throw in a thin layer of the shredded parmesan, remove with spatula, shape over a glass tumbler just before the cheese is stiff and totally crunchy, and Voila! You, too can glam up dinner!

In the age old debate- 'Tag-a-longs vs. Thin Mints?', our house goes 2 votes for Tag-a-longs, 1 vote Thin Mints, and Andrew abstains, responding only with baby sign language for 'more' and says 'Mo tookies, peese.'

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