Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jersey Boys- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #25

For this move, we purged from this:
1200 square foot basement
2 car garage
350 square foot shop

To this:
1.25 car garage
36 square foot closet
Shop?  What is a shop?

Lots of stuff didn't make the cut to say the least. There were some things the kids just couldn't part with, but I pushed them past their 'stuff' comfort zones as much  as I could.  NO ONE would let me throw out jerseys, so I needed to find a way to creatively store them.

These jerseys became pillows on Blaine's  bed.  I recycled euro sham pillow forms and other standard pillows to fill them. Just put the pillow inside (fold the pillow if necessary) and tuck in the bottom- no sewing!  

Blaine's furniture was an old set from his grandparent's house- recently painted an Annie Sloan blue.  I experimented with ASCP orange on the night stand, but settled on blue instead for the bigger pieces.  I ran out of blue paint so I left the night stand in orange... Dad likes the furniture in his old UT Martin colors!

The dresser before chalk paint...

The chest of drawers after two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Aubusson blue.

Back to the jerseys... I call this lineup our Headless Linemen.  

Drew's jerseys are over his bed.  Eight-year-olds with 3 seasons of tackle football under their belt are rare in Texas- they start 'em earlier in Tennessee!

Of course GBO has a place in Drew's room!  The orange blanket is an old stadium blanket.  As for the rug... He is a die hard Giants fan, but he bought this gridiron rug at Cowboy stadium when he visited at age 5- his matchbox cars have played hundreds of football games on this rug.

Drew's cherry furniture belonged to Honey and Pa- his great grandparents, the Warmbrods.  

Drew's beloved Nashville Celtics basketball jersey became a pillow.  

By creatively using what we already had, we spent very little on settling the boys into their new rooms.  Drew's entire bedroom suit, bedding, and window coverings were left behind in Tennessee, and he had outgrown the Disney themed artwork.  He is really proud of his 'sports career' and loves that his jerseys are out for the world to see!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mastering the Bath Part 2: Our Texas Home Makeover Post #20something

We wanted to keep the original bathroom marble whirlpool tub - still works like a champ and who really wants to demolish and remove a huge garden tub anyway? We decided to have it refinished.  While we were at it, we had the vanity top and shower refinished to see if we could salvage those as well- we love the results!  

The tub after it was refinished.  With the addition of the shutters (for privacy) and the curtains, the tub has a very spa-like feel.

The faucets, added by the previous owner, were keepers.

These curtains were recycled from my Tennessee bedroom.

Not a fan of the block window... But there's enough going on in this bathroom that they are barely noticeable - except
in photos.

Birds eye view of the privacy shutters and tub.

The privacy shutters allowed me to leave the French doors uncovered.  They also make it very hard to get a good shot of the bathroom!  Here you see the shutters divide the shower/ tub from the vanity area.

The shutters were inspired by our room at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia:

The original vanity sink, shower and tub were refinished in a faux granite texture.  Tommy loves the sea shell shape of the vanities- I thought it made them look dated... I decided to see it his way since that would save me a bundle!

A close up of the refinish job- it has a bit of texture to it which makes it interesting... The vanity, shower tiles and tub were all refinished to match- saving us a ton of money on the bath update.

A little panorama... The shower tiles were previously white with a hunter green row.  Of course I don't have a before pic!

I used flooring left over from other project to save money... The white carpet tiles left over from the family game room cover all but the water closet floor in this bathroom.  A 5x7 sisal rug was added as well as two small shag rugs.  The carpet tiles were $1.30 per square foot.  

For the water closet, I used a few sheets of linoleum left over from my spring break remodel of the upstairs storage closet.  

View of the floor from the vanity.  The white shag rugs are made of recycled cotton.  And another sisal rug-  I have a sisal rug addiction- I have at least 4 scattered throughout the house.  

We closed the door on the bathroom update the week that school started.  The entire update came in around $2000 compared to the tens of thousands we would have spent on a complete remodel.  Honestly, I love it more this way...