Monday, September 22, 2014

Mastering the Bath- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #23

The master bath.


'Gotham train wreck' best describes the state of the master bath when we purchased our TX home.  

Faux copper color painted fixtures with matching faux copper color painted wallpaper accented with popcorn ceilings.  

Pulling wallpaper- Drew got artsy... Here's his chicken.

The MLS listing made the bathroom look light and fresh.  In reality, it was dark, dirty, and outdated.  The first step was to lighten the walls and install brighter lights.

Replacing the light fixtures was challenging- we couldn't find fixtures that would clear the mirror.  We solved the problem by building a mirror frame and mounting the lights to the frame.  
The Cabinets- previously painted a glossy black, got three coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Arles- a golden yellow color.  The mirror frame and medicine cabinet were painted to match.

I'll be posting more master bath update details soon!  

The view from the master bedroom.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Boo Kitty Upcycles- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #22

I have been collecting shopping bags in this 99 cent TJ Maxx shopping bag all summer.  

When the bag got full, I sewed all four sides and stuffed it with just the right amount of bags to make an outdoor pillow for the poolside furniture:
This was super easy and we can recycle the pillow once it's no longer usable!
Boo Kitty was super excited about this crinkle pillow 

Boo requests that the pillow remain indoors beside a sunny window to be sat upon at his leisure.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Game Room Sneak Peek- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #21

Here's a sneak peek at what is going on in the family game room.  This room is the main family area on the main floor.  In this room, there's a pool table and two TVs with gaming systems... It's designed so the kids have a place to hang out with their friends. 


As per usual, I don't have a before pic, but I snapped a quick one while the painters took the walls from dark grey to white.  Dark floors and dark walls made for a dark, dungeon-like family game room.  It needed brightness and color.  

AS I tackled the family game room, I was still obsessed with I love this crazy carpet!  However, I was still obsessed with spending as little as possible.  Don't ever put anything expensive in a room where 'tweeners hang out!  

Since this is just a sneak peek, I'll save the details for a future post.  Here's the sneak peek:

Zebra bean bags from Big Lots.  Gamers love bean bags...bean bags...the only request that my boys made when consulted about decor.  

The boys don't care that I used a floral rug.  The color scheme seems strangely familiar to them because...
Drew's neon green/ teal/ peach Adidas inspired the color palette.  As soon as I put up curtains the color of their favorite Nike Elite socks, I earned their favor.  

And the side by sides:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Front Door- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #20

The front door needs to be replaced, but of course I am experimenting with it first! As always, my goal is Big Bang for little to no bucks!

I tinkered with the interior doorway and shared the results of my $61 makeover in a previous post:
We are all loving the foyer makeover- color makes us happy!

We wanted to keep the exterior more traditional, so I selected a color called blue-grey slate.  This grey should pull out some of the grey undertones in the pink brick:

As always, I neglected to make a before pic; I found this one- featuring our realtor.  Note the brass kick plate- the hardware was all mix-matched brass.  The door was painted light grey- it was blah-blah.

I took care of the outdated brass with a can of rust-oleum in burnished amber.

I had this can from a previous project and  it did wonders to transform the front door brass:

After paiting the door hardware, I painted the door... at 5am one morning before it got hot outside:

Halfway... When I realized I had no before picture... I stopped and got a quick shot.


Here's the door dressed in blue-grey slate and faux bronze hardware:

And here's the side by side:
This was a quick and easy win and came
in under $20.  We liked it so much that we painted the back doors the same color.