Sunday, June 29, 2014

WIP: Our TX Home Makeover Post #9

Why do I have to be such a Type-A-Do-It-Yourselfer... Why can't I be more of a Leave-Well-Enough-Aloner? 

Our TX house makeover has made progress, but I am honestly overwhelmed by the state of things most of the time.  I am learning to live in the clutter, dust and chaos that comes with moving into a house that needs so much work.  

I hit a point on Thursday night where the WIP was whipping me.  I apologized to the kids for being the Wicked Witch of the Construction House.  They rescued me and took me to Chicken Express- they know a southern girl in despair needs fried chicken.  

This was the state of WIP (work in process) on Thursday night:
My DIY kitchen backsplash tile job was in process but stuck.  I couldn't find an outlet cover for one of the many holes in the wall, so we finally decided to cover this telephone jack.  Grouting, caulking and sealing would have to wait for the weekend.

This is the hallway adjacent to the dining room that leads to the kitchen.  I was going to lightly sand the wall on Thurs night to prep for painting, but instead I found another layer of wall paper that had to come down... And a layer of wall texture hiding under that.  The sticky, dusty mess that comes with wallpaper removal and retexturizing the walls dominates this high-traffic area.  

The marble surfaces in the master bath are being professionally refinished in an attempt to avoid a complete gutting of the bathroom.  The results are great, but we can't clean up the area for 72 hours while the surfaces dry and set completely.  

We don't have much time this weekend to devote to house projects, so I get a really big lesson in patience.  

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