Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Texas House Makeover Post #1

The Texas house needs a lot of work.  I describe its current state as a series of Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong.  The garage was obviously testing ground for all of said Pinterest projects- check out all of the paint testing on the walls...

We spent our first weekend in Allen, Texas, patching, repairing and painting the garage.  Because it's so hot here in Texas, we wanted to get our vehicles in the garage as soon as possible. The walls really needed a lot of work before we could hang things to make space for the car and the Harley.   So, we decided the garage would be the first family project.  We'll tackle painting the garage floor later.

How cute is my little painter?

And now for the after pictures- beware-photography is not one of my better skills.
Yay they both fit! The car barely fit...

Tommy was excited to hang his tools! Look at those clean walls!

We're still in the process of gathering the mounts that we need, but at least the walls are ready and the vehicles are in!

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