Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Bradford Pear- Our TX Home Makeover Post #3

Our front yard is a massive Bradford pear tree.
Boggles the brain how a Bradford pear tree got to be this size in Texas- withstanding years of Texas ice storms and the daily winds that blow through this town.  I guess everything really is bigger in TX!

These trees are such a problem in Texas that the neighboring town of Plano, Texas, won't allow them- I have been told it's against the city ordinances!

We had our top-heavy tree removed this weekend... No more looming tree monster of doom threatening our little TX home.  

Now to determine what to plant in its place- any suggestions?

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Gerald Turner said...

Oak trees (either red or live) are very popular here but learn about oak wilt before you plant an oak. We just had 9 dead or dying trees removed because of oak wilt. In April, we noticed we had 1 dead tree. It spread that fast. We also have a lot of cedar elms.