Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Pool- Our Texas House Makeover Post #2

Our TX house, previously described as a series of the former owner's Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong, had two redeeming qualities:
1.  The kids could walk/ bike to almost all of their school and sport activities
2.  The pool was awesome

Tommy came down to Texas to work a few months earlier than the rest of us, so he got the pool ready for summer.  We had to replace most of the equipment, including the very pricey heater, but it has been well worth the expense.  

It's been awesome to have the pool and hot tub around for breaks from our home improvement projects.  The kids say they feel like they are on vacation!  

The hot tub has been especially nice after  long DIY days...

We love these poolside flower beds... There are always flower petals floating in the pool.

Very happy boys

Drew with a dunk

Blaine off the deck for two...

Daddy gets in on the action...

There are flowering vines all over the back yard... We have a few of these little exotic blooms open up every day.  I have no idea what they are... I need to get familiar with TX plants!

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Stella Hammond said...

What a beautiful looking pool you have! I love the stony look of it and the verdant pool side. Of course, the hot tub is an amazing bonus too! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. I hope everyone is in the best of health!

Stella Hammond @ Palm City