Friday, June 13, 2014

The Amtico Floors- Our TX Home Makeover Post #5

Last weekend was a Cindarella weekend for me.  Not the scene where she went to the ball, but the scene where Cinderella stayed home incessantly scrubbing floors.  

When I first stepped foot in this house in March, I wanted to lie down on the floor and cry, but I couldn't because the floors were too dirty.  I was certain the Amtico floors would never come clean, and I couldn't find anyone who was willing to refinish Amtico flooring in 2014 (Hello, the 90s called and wants their floors back)... I also couldn't find the specialty Amtico refinishing products on any website willing to deliver to the USA.  I was only here for a week in March, and I spent that entire spring break week scrubbing the floors with goof off and a toothbrush.  

Once I returned three weeks ago, I scoured the web and found Mannington stripping and refinishing products that had promise.  I ordered them and waited.  Once the products arrived, my routine began...  I swept, scrubbed, mopped, stripped, scrubbed, mopped, rinsed, mopped, dried, swept, vacuumed, glossed, glossed, sealed every inch of these floors.  

have logged over a 100 hours on my knees scrubbing these floors.

The before:
Warning:  The floors in this picture are nastier than they appear.  
I already pulled down this modern wallpaper- the contrast just made the floors look worse.

The afters:
Note how the detail pieces are actually grey instead of dark brown.  
Boo kitty approves.  

The floors are now glossy and shiny and I have banned all shoes from the house.  

My battles with the floor are not over; the dining room, living room, and master suite are a bad DIY concrete stain job.  Making them over will be lots of fun!

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