Monday, June 30, 2014

Subway Rustica: Our TX Home Makeover Post #10

I know that 10 years from now it will be sooooo dated... So 2010s.... But still I obsess over white subway tile.

The problem:  my cabinet finish has a slight Tuscan vibe, and I am not a skilled enough decorator to work in basic white subway tile... But I still wanted it.

Then I walked into the Tile Shop and saw this:
3x12 subway tile that looks hand cut and has a slight iridescent pearl-like finish.  I ordered it immediately.  I call it Subway Rustica.  

This was my first ever tile job and Mike at The Tile Shop in Plano, TX, was very patient with me- they will even help a beginner out with tile cuts and instruction!  

Here is the before:
A faux paper backsplash decorated in trim that wasn't cut correctly... It was really dirty and needed to come down... And BTW... for the love of all things DIY, if you are going to install a faux paper backsplash, refrain from wrapping your outlets in the leftovers- dead faux giveaway.


The hand cut subway tile look really pulls the entire kitchen together.  The iridescent quality makes the kitchen much lighter.

No more faux outlet covers or badly cut trim. 

The hand-cut aspect makes the tile very forgiving for a beginner- it's not supposed to look perfect. 

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