Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Popcorn: Our TX Home Makeover Post #8

I found myself between projects on Friday evening- can't grout my subway tile backsplash until we fix some outlets.  This is why Tommy came home from work to a half-de-popcorned kitchen/ breakfast room ceiling.  

I thought this would be a really messy but quick project.  WRONG.  Tommy had depopped a couple of rooms while he was in TX this spring without us, so he knew this would consume our weekend... And.  It.  Did.

We tarped the entire room on Friday evening, and finished scraping all of the dust by midnight.  While I had a little GNO on Satrday night, Tommy patched, sanded, pulled down dusty tarps and cleaned up.  We then retarped and painted on Sunday after church.  

It was rainy and 70s here on Sunday, so the house was a bit humid.  Long story short, about a third of the first coat of paint peeled off as soon as it started drying.  We think it was a combo of humidity and the paint we chose- we have very little experience with paint so we are learning as we go.

Discouraged but hopeful, we scraped paint on Sunday evening and applied joint compound to the affected areas.  We set our alarms for 4am Monday morning and put up the first coat of ceiling paint.  Tommy left for work around 7:30, and I put up the second coat at 8am before my work day began.  No peeling this time.

On Monday evening, we cleaned up and got the kitchen/ breakfast room back to a usable state.  

Here's a shot of the breakfast nook ceiling after the popcorn was removed from the ceiling.  I painted the kitchen/ nook a bright green a couple weeks back.  We reused a light fixture purchased by previous owner.

These are my Craig's List Anthropologie curtains... My poor photography skills don't do them justice.  I have 3 more panels, so I am going to modify one for the kitchen sink window, and I may use the other two in the laundry room.  

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