Monday, July 28, 2014

Fences- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #16

There are wet swim suits and wet towels all over the house.  They seem to multiply like little gremlins!  There are never enough places to hang them all.

I have three free-standing, outdoor iron fences that I bought for our first house in 1998. I wanted to be able to see the wooded hills out of the top of our bedroom windows, but I wanted privacy as well.  Shutters were not in the budget at the time, so I purchased these fences to get the job done.  I sewed curtains and attached them to the fences with a tension rod and zip ties.

This is the only picture that I could find of the fence/ curtains in our first house.  They worked perfectly to keep the upper window visible while covering the bottom half.  

In Texas, I decided to repurpose the fences again- this time as drying racks.  These outdoor fences are now in two of our bathrooms and the laundry room.  They are perfect for hanging wet towels and swimsuits.  

In the upstairs bath...

In the guest bath...

I bought these from that little old iron store on 8th avenue in Nashville.  If you drive down Franklin road from
Brentwood, the iron store will be on the right before you get into downtown Nashville- I don't know the name of it... Just look for an old house with a side yard full of iron stuff!

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