Monday, July 7, 2014

Free chair makeover- Our TX Home Makeover Post #12

When we married 18 years ago, I rummaged through many attics and basements to find lost treasures for our apartment.  I love to reuse things in creative ways.

The duvet cover that I made for our master bedroom 9 years ago got repurposed this week.  Our new master walls are dark grey and the red-yellow-green fabric just doesn't work.
Here are some photos featuring the duvet cover in our prior TN home:

The master bedroom in TN- Tommy's great Aunt Tee's Lillian Russell bedroom suit in black walnut;  my great grandmother's antique sewing cabinet used as a side table;  an oriental lamp rescued from a remodel at Union Planter's Bank in Knoxville where I worked as an exec assistant in college.  We also had two family heirloom secretaries in this room.  


I made the curtains and the duvet cover-  I covered my old king size comforter with striped fabric on top and used a sheet for the bottom.  The curtains were a bird of paradise print- one of my grandmother's favorite flowers and selected in memory of her.

 Here the Lillian Russell dressing table and  both antique secretaries.  All of these items came to TX with us.  

The duvet fabric now covers my dining room chairs.  

Dining room chairs before:


Dining room chairs after:


I have recovered four of the eight chairs this far and hope to finish the rest this week before we head to Louisiana for Peyton Manning Passing Academy.

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