Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TV Storage- Our TX Home Makeover Post #15

Our Texas family room is designed for the boys and their friends... with a pool table and multiple TVs.  We went with two smaller TVs instead of one larger TV so the kids could watch football/ basketball while they play video games.  

Sidebar:  we've never had a flat screen TV- ever.  Our TV in Tennessee was a 36" dinosaur that I believe was in Tommy's parent's house his senior year in 1992.  
The old TV fit perfectly in this gorgeous armoire;  I hated to part with this beautiful piece of furniture when we moved to TX... but now this armoire has a new home in Belvidere, TN, thanks to my brother... I'll at least get to visit it.  

Anyway, in our TX family game room, we needed some way to store the TVs and gaming systems.  We wanted to put the TVs on the wall but didn't know what to do about the gaming systems and cable box.

had a really big set of bookshelves stored in our TN basement for like eight years- they were originally in Tommy's parent's reading nook.  
The bookshelves lived here in our TN basement beside my PIL's wedding photo... I almost gave these bookshelves away before we moved.  

We had room on our moving truck for the shelves, so we brought them to TX.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to use the bookshelves for TV storage.  It worked well, but the shelves really needed a makeover.  

The bookshelves in TX before their makeover- solid oak with lots of potential.

Once I saw this piece of furniture in IO Metro, I knew exactly what I would do with the bookshelves...
My inspiration piece.

One last look at the bookshelves before two cans of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Emperor's silk.

Here are the bookshelves after one coat of ASCP emperor's silk:
The shelves- drying after one coat of ASCP red... but plastic on the floor was apparently too tempting for a certain member of the Warmbrod household....

... Because here are my recently stripped and refinished Amtico floors with Boo Kitty's red paw prints!!!! I died for a few minutes, but the paw prints wiped right up; this thanks to the three coats of gloss sealer that I applied during the floor finishing process.

The bookshelves got two coats of red chalk paint and two coats of Minwax polycrylic.  I also took the shelves outside and sprayed an extra coat of spray polycrylic on them for added protection.  

Here are my bookshelves dressed in Emperor's silk:

The family game room walls are next.  The painter comes on Saturday to lighten them up.  

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