Monday, July 21, 2014

Shutters- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #14

All projects were on pause while we spent some time away from Texas- in Louisiana at Peyton Manning Passing Academy then in Nashville to finalize some business there.  

Since it's been awhile, I thought I would offer a sneak peak at one of our projects-  the master bath shutters.

I'm not good about before pictures, but here's a link to the video the realtor made for me just moments after we made our offer on this house.  I had never stepped foot in Allen, TX, or this house when we bought it; houses fly off the market here so we had to act quickly.

Anyway, I love the master bath French doors.   I don't want to cover them but I prefer a little more privacy than the doors alone provide.  Tommy came home one evening, and I immediately asked him if we could build a wall of shutters to separate the tub/ shower from the vanity area;  he knows I've been on Craigs list when I ask these kinds of question, and he knows I already have the trailer hooked up to the car, too.  He knows he'll spend the rest of his day loading and unloading craigs list items.  I had, in fact, found very tall, solid wood shutters on Craig's list that I thought could be repurposed.  He agreed.  We drove to some swanky neighborhood with a security guard- imagine the guard has never seen a Mercury pulling a trailer load of shutters before... Now he knows what a Warmbrod is.  

The shutter wall was an easy sell- It's never hard to talk Tommy into projects that hint of St. Lucia- 
Our room in St. Lucia  with the open-air, floor-to-ceiling shutters.  HEAVEN.

Anyway, back in Texas... We hung the shutters before we left for Louisiana.  We still have tons to do before this master bath is complete, but here is where we are now:

You can see the wall of shutters in the mirror reflection- it serves as a privacy wall for the tub/ shower.  They are stained a gorgeous grey stain with brown undertones.  The rest if the bath is in process:  The vanity area has one coat of  Annie Sloan Arles chalk paint- it needs another coat and distressing.  

The shutters are offset to create a hallway back to the shower.  The floor will get a makeover soon.

We placed a table in here temporarily (I love this family- heirloom table but haven't found a place for it yet... so it's temporarily stored in this unfinished bathroom). We layered some rugs so I don't have to look at the floor until it's refinished.  I think the French doors and trim will be made over in white; we plan to repaint the ceiling and walls in antique white.  

I'm not sure yet where we are going with the floor but I have a feeling it will be interesting.

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