Monday, September 1, 2014

Front Door- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #20

The front door needs to be replaced, but of course I am experimenting with it first! As always, my goal is Big Bang for little to no bucks!

I tinkered with the interior doorway and shared the results of my $61 makeover in a previous post:
We are all loving the foyer makeover- color makes us happy!

We wanted to keep the exterior more traditional, so I selected a color called blue-grey slate.  This grey should pull out some of the grey undertones in the pink brick:

As always, I neglected to make a before pic; I found this one- featuring our realtor.  Note the brass kick plate- the hardware was all mix-matched brass.  The door was painted light grey- it was blah-blah.

I took care of the outdated brass with a can of rust-oleum in burnished amber.

I had this can from a previous project and  it did wonders to transform the front door brass:

After paiting the door hardware, I painted the door... at 5am one morning before it got hot outside:

Halfway... When I realized I had no before picture... I stopped and got a quick shot.


Here's the door dressed in blue-grey slate and faux bronze hardware:

And here's the side by side:
This was a quick and easy win and came
in under $20.  We liked it so much that we painted the back doors the same color.

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Brandi Bradley said...

I like the new door better. At first glance, I did not think it went well with the color of the house. After another second, though, it does go together. It is the exact amount of clash that is needed to make it look elegant and classy. You have a good eye for this stuff.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals