Monday, September 22, 2014

Mastering the Bath- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #23

The master bath.


'Gotham train wreck' best describes the state of the master bath when we purchased our TX home.  

Faux copper color painted fixtures with matching faux copper color painted wallpaper accented with popcorn ceilings.  

Pulling wallpaper- Drew got artsy... Here's his chicken.

The MLS listing made the bathroom look light and fresh.  In reality, it was dark, dirty, and outdated.  The first step was to lighten the walls and install brighter lights.

Replacing the light fixtures was challenging- we couldn't find fixtures that would clear the mirror.  We solved the problem by building a mirror frame and mounting the lights to the frame.  
The Cabinets- previously painted a glossy black, got three coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Arles- a golden yellow color.  The mirror frame and medicine cabinet were painted to match.

I'll be posting more master bath update details soon!  

The view from the master bedroom.

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