Thursday, August 21, 2014

Floored- Our Texas Home Makeover Post #19

stumbled upon during my search for flooring, and then I found out they had a showroom in Dallas.  So I went there and found these inspirations- they might challenge how you think about carpet:

Oh my- what they can do with mix and match carpet squares!  Color and texture explosions all over the floor could make me fall in love with carpet after hating it for so many years.

A few of my favorite squares...

At Flor's price point- about $16-20 per square- I was discouraged.  Discouraged but still inspired... I started thinking about the floors differently- floors with lots of color and texture... I wondered if I could pull off a similar look by layering various rugs instead of carpet squares.  Layering a couple of rugs is very fashionable right now, but could I stretch that trend wall to wall?   

I found a little inspiration from google searches (but not as much as I had hoped to find).  

I decided to go for it- the master bedroom floors were hopeless concrete floors with a really bad stain job that never felt clean... I needed a solution even if it was temporary.

There are thousands of rugs for sale on Dallas Craigs list so I spent some time collecting a list of possibilities... then the kids and I drove around Dallas bartering for rugs.  

Here is our master bedroom floor now:
Five large rugs in various colors/ textures anchored by a sisal rug at the foot of the bed.  I filled in remaining bare floor with some smaller finds.  It works for me!  I love that I can change it anytime I get bored with it.

Traditional rugs were the cheapest to obtain, so I stuck mostly with traditional prints.

This worked so well for me- it was quick, cheap, and easy to 'install'.  I think we'll go with traditional hardwood eventually, but for now I am loving my rug room!

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