Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vizsla Pup- 10 weeks old- water games

What a chew face!  This vizsla pup needs tons of time with bully sticks.  

One of our goals this week is to increase water confidence- Drew is DYING that vizsla isn't ready to swim in the pool yet! We started acclimation with a fun game of duckies in a tub of water beside the pool.  This is a fun way to get used to paws and noses in the water and easing poolside anxiety. Vizsla is always anxious to work on retriever skills so we incorporated that to relax her into the game confidently.

Here's our game of fish, run, return and drop...

Next up- feeling confident enough to approach poolside alone and retrieve a duckie...

Huge success and an overall great experience for both of us!

Vizsla getting better at:
-Leash pulling- a long way to go on this one
-Giving people & dogs their personal space when greeting (still needs lots of work on this)
-following commands in areas with distraction 
-learning that carpet and rugs and corners and cabinets are not to be growled at or chewed on

Vizsla has mastered:
-no accidents
-sleeping all night in crate
-sit command
-commands from previous week
-getting in pool- climbs in and out to first step only

Vizsla loves:
Lap time
Practicing commands
Hammock time

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