Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My every breath is consumed with giving a very large project wings, but I took a little time out this evening to update the look of my neglected blog....

During December, it was either launder clothing/ pack for vacation or send Christmas cards. You know which one I picked. So here are some shots that I call 'The Lost Christmas Card Photos'

Since the new blog theme is LOVE, I should post my favorite video on the subject...

I love how it's an entire video of just the two of us focused on celebrating all the happiness to come....

In other news...

What less than desirable traits did Pappy pass down to Blaine?

Extra, extra wide feet and ...

a desire to snap the occasional tasteless photo... this one starring mom and dad. He received a mild scolding, but deep down...I know that... one day... I'll look back and think it was a rather flattering angle:)

And here are some lists from last Decade that we meant to share earlier...drum roll, please...

Warmbrod's Not- So- Ordinary List of the Decade's Top Movies (or at least ones that we can remember):

Talking Letter Factory- the must-have, preschool, educational movie of the decade. Both our boys learned ALL their letter sounds by watching this. Drew's preschool is now addicted, too- I recently ordered them a copy.

Band of Brothers (Janey)- I literally watch this HBO series over and over

Blair Witch Project (Tommy and Janey)- I'm still weirded out when I go into a home with 'southern charm' and I find one of those little hide and seek dolls in the corner.

Dodge Ball (Tommy)

Brother Bear Drew's favorite. It's a brother thing.

Walk the Line (Janey)

Ice Age and the Harry Potter Movies (Blaine)

Love in the Time of Cholera (Aunt Lisa)- not really... an inside joke here between sis and I...she'll get a huge laugh here.

Revolutionary Road- voted most disturbing movie of the decade by Tommy and Janey. Especially Tommy.

Action Hero- Blaine and cousin Joe...a movie made by a local teen a few years ago and the kids WAIL when they watch it. It scored extra points when Blaine realized that 'Narcolectic Sidekick' actor was a bag boy at our local Publix.

Warmbrod Extra- Unordinary Song List of the Decade

Disclaimer: In all fairness to my metal loving hubbie, this is Janey's mostly girly version of our random songs...young Warmbrod boys spend music appreciate time with the likes of Metallica, Beastie Boys, and Nirvana- none of which are from this decade.

Lady Marmalade and I Hope You Dance- these were popular songs when Blaine was born in 2001.

Boom Da Boom- Goldo- Our Disney Vacation 2008 Theme Song

Relating to a Psychopath- Macy Gray- and others from her The Id album. Janey hearts Macy Gray.

Big Baby J- Jazzy the Giant- great song about the big bro/ little bro dynamic

Lady - Lenny Kravitz

The Only Promise that Remains- J. Timberlake and Reba; Reba has been a great supporter of Habitat locally and this is a great collaboration; JT wrote this with her vocals in mind

Candy Coated Valentine- Robinella- because it's almost Valentine's day; any Robinella track is a delight.

Song for a Winter's Night- Sarah McLachlan

Starfish and Coffee- Matthew Nathanson version

Folsom Daycare Blues- because I spent most of the decade driving someone to 'baby school'

Who's Your Daddy- a Blaine and Cousin Joe favorite in the early 2000s

Jackson- Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix version

And in the spirit of full disclosure....
Lookin Boy- Hotstylz- a Tommy/ Blaine favorite
Hit the Floor- Twista and Pitbull- if you've never done Zumba to a Pitbull number, then you've never really done Zumba.
Single Ladies- Beyonce- Drew likes to sing about single ladies
Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue- Toby Keith
Girlfriend- Avril- a Tommy favorite, believe it or not.

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