Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brentwood Goes Camping

What a time we had at Land Between the Lakes!

The first tent at Camp Warmbrod

All tents up at Camp Warmbrod! We have a 2 man and a 4 man; we can all fit in the 4 man, but we pitched both since the weather was balmy...

The kids arrived ready to camp! Sidebar: It took me a few shots to realize that all throughout May, the problem with my camera was Drew's finger prints on the glass. This is why his birthday photos turned out so badly. I finally figured it out after this shot... Hey, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I do okay...

Skipping rocks and wading was a favorite with the kids when they visited Campsite Warmbrod.

It's almost sundown on the first night and the kids were really excited! So were the adults!

Steak dinner at Camp Warmbrod....YUM!

Piper and Drew, early Saturday a.m.

Camp Howard and Lori.

Camp Dave and Lynn.

Camp Chuck and Co.

Dave, Camper Man. We knew Dave was in his element when we crawled out of our tents very early Saturday morn and found him like this while the rest of his crew slept.

Biker boys get ready for a evening out on their bikes- it's really cool that they are old enough to roam around and make mischief that we'll never know about.

Drew loves his boots...

and Drew loves his camelbak. Drew hates that he's not old enough to bike the trails. He's dying to get his training wheels off his bike. The entire time that mom or dad are riding the trails with Blaine, Drew is riding his bike up and down the road, preparing for the day that he can tear it up on the trails.

An unexpected treat... we could see the barges go by from our campsite... looks like the ocean, doesn't it?

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