Sunday, May 24, 2009

Drew's 3! Welcoming Tom's New Bride!

We had a great time entertaining family this weekend. However, we are absolutely horrible with event photography- I get so excited and caught up in living the moment that I forget to photograph. I'll start with the pre-party photos- I tend to make more photos while I kill time until the crowd arrives...

This shot taken by Blaine...Drew's pirate cake. His only birthday cake request was 'sprinkles' which I tried to include. Please note, I do not decorate cakes because I enjoy it; Audera made these gorgeous cakes for Blaine and I am trying to keep the tradition alive. But cake decorating is hard and multiply it times a kazillion if you try, like I did, to do it with a shortening free, trans fat free icing- yeah good luck with that...

And here's the dining room table ready for Tom and Vicki's celebration. My first red velvet cupcake tower complete with monogramming....

I've loved this tea pot for so long and it's the first time that I have used it as a vase. It turned out lovely! And it's sitting on my quilt-for-a-table-cloth which is probably my favorite decorative fancy in the whole entire house.

A recent photograph of said quilt-for-a-table-cloth in the breakfast nook... this quilt came from Honey's house (Tommy's grandmother).

Vicki and Tom, married in FL on Valentine's Day, confirmed their hitchin' with a cut of the red velvet cupcakes. This makes it official.

There were about 20 'Warmbrods' serenading Drew with the Happy Birthday song as he listens with 2nd cousins Taylor and Hannah and big bro Blaine. The Mayor (as some of our friends refer to him on account of his outgoing personality) was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and attention and was noticeably timid for the first time ever.

Drew is already a natural at photography at an early age- see how he captures the essence of his subjects- our little artist.

Blaine made these photos of mom and dad in the yard today...I've been terrified of this picture and have somewhat avoided it since I gave up my addiction to 'the bottle.' Tommy is forever young and I am sure that one day I will be mistaken for his grandmother, but not quite yet...
Thirteen years and a zillion gray hairs and I'm still his best girl.
And he's still my hero.

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