Friday, April 25, 2008

Death of Warmbrod Premium Cable, 'Til Death & J.B. Smoove

Life- Warmbrod style has not been the same since Brentwood cut off our 'free' HBO. Here's the history:

Pre-digital cable, we had access to HBO and Showtime without paying any astronomical fees- a perk of living in the Brentwood area as I understand it. We laughed with Curb Your Enthusiasm, enjoyed the Saturday night movies, walked on the wild side with the Sopranos...

Next thing you know, a 'free' digital box arrives in the mail. We promptly installed this new box, and called the cable company to notify them of their oversite- there must have been a mistake, we couldn't access HBO with the digital box. Was there some mistake?

What a rude awakening! The digital cable box would not include the HBO deal as before- but we could PAY additional for it. What?! The old bait and switch!!! With the digital box on the main TV and standard cable on our other TV, we could get our premium channel fix- take that, Comcast!

Team Warmbrod won the battle, and as I was just preparing for the new season of The Tudors on Showtime, we lost the war. Suddenly, and without warning, I turned on the non-digital bedroom TV and HBO and Showtime were no more.

In protest, we have vowed never (NEVER?!) to pay additional for HBO and Showtime. This means that we may show up unannounced on the doorsteps of friend HBO subscribers to catch up on Curb Your Enthusiasm Episodes (via On Demand) when the new season rolls around.

As a consolation prize, Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm is now on 'Til Death for a few episodes on Fox. He's our fave and you can catch an episode here:

'Til Death Episode with J.B. Smoove- a must see!!!

I am watching it now and he's a laugh riot....

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