Monday, April 7, 2008

Mum's Birthday Song... Kickin off the Party

So my birthday is not until next week, but this video is a must see. Blaine wrote me this song when he was four- while I was pregnant with Andrew. Blaine's preschool 'music appreciation class' kicked off each morning in the car with Daddy. He sang 'All Apologies' rolling through Home Depot when he was two and tears of joy swelled in Tommy's eyes. Thanks to influences like Metallica, Guns n Roses (I've got a great Mr. Brownstone rendition to upload later) and Nirvana, this birthday song has all of the elements of a classic rock song: he talks of momma, uses the word 'baby' at least once, gives props to God above, etc. He's gonna work on the guitar solo, which will put the joint over the top.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday..Dear Mommy
Happy Birthday to You...Dear Mommy
Havin a baby...Andrew
And everyone...that's havin' a birthday
Thank you God for birthdays
Rock On
OH Yeah, OH Yeah, OH Yeah

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Betsy said...

Not my genre... but Blaine rocks!