Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Vizsla pup 4 months old toys in box command

Luci is 4 months old now and she loves to work on commands with us.  She is smart and eager to please, but keeps us all in check with a strong independent streak.  Here she is learning to place toys in a box on command. 

She loves to steal socks, papers, and anything Drew has ever touched.  She is very stubborn with drop commands. I would love to get her to a point that she drops those forbidden objects in a box on command!

Fear of water
No longer digging and biting at carpet or corners or wood work
Goes to designated 'place' in each room on command

Needs work:
Leash pulling- we are moving to a harness instead of collar
Obeying commands in a distracting environment
Turning down excitement/ jumping when new people visit
Jumping & landing on people in the pool

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