Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Favorite Things- Nashville

We leave Nashville for Dallas in exactly one month.  As part of my mourning process, I'll be blogging about some of my favorite Nashville things.


I just picked up my early 1950 Singer sewing machine from FRANK's Sewing Machine Repair in Franklin.  I wanted it to go to TX ready to work!  As I have said before, if the house were on fire and I could get only one thing out besides the people, it would be my Singer.  If you have a chance to own one of these solid metal workhorses, seize the opportunity and take it to Frank for new life.  These old girls have none of today's cheap plastic parts & are extremely reliable.  My Singer was Honey's machine (Tommy's paternal grandmother) and it's very dear to me.  Frank has maintained it for me over the years and it runs like a champ.  

This old girl was very patient with me as I learned to sew...

Sewing is a dangerous business.  Frank  is good, but even he can't idiot proof the machine.

My favorite sewing project lately- cotton palazzo lounge pants.  
My TN dining room drapes- I'll be using my Singer for new drapes in the TX house- can't wait to hit all the fabric stores in Dallas!  


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