Wednesday, October 13, 2010

While We're Stuck on a Baking Theme...Birthday Baking

Catching up on posting some summer pictures - these with a baking birthday theme...

Blaine's Baseball Birthday Cake- these cakes have ice cream inside- I inherited a special hollow pan from Audera and they make the best ice cream cakes on the planet!

Blaine's 9th Birthday

Drew's 4th birthday party-some of my favorite kids and a football cupcake cake

Drew's soccer cake

These pictures have nothing to do with baking... walking through a quiet house one summer afternoon, this is how I found the kids.... too perfect not to photograph...
Blaine catching up on Narnia...he's cuddled up under a quilt that my great grandmother sewed and my mom quilted.

Drew fell asleep while reading to his stuffed animals- there's a batman quilt in the picture that I made while Blaine was little... and a bit of trivia for those Warmbrods out there- he's sleeping in Honey and Pa's old bed.

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