Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocky Top Warmbrods

We're proud to announce that our Warmbrod boys will get their first look at the Vols running through the "T" later this month- on Tommy's birthday, actually. I dare say this may be the trip where my boys identify... *sniffle*... their dream college... *wipe tear* .

We just got the tickets, so without a moment to lose, we got to work on the plans. The kids sent this video out to Tommy and Megan to try to rustle up a place to sleep...

Thanks to Tommy and Megan for buying into our propoganda. And thanks to the McQuides for scaring us up some tickets.... you all are like our own personal make-a-wish-foundation.

Warmbrod blood runs orange from way back.

Exhibit A: Sugar Bowl 1971- UT took the Air Force Academy 34-13
The late sixties/ early seventies fashion pallet- with it's burnt oranges and rusts- set the stage for Pa and Honey Warmbrod (Tommy's grandparents) to class up the joint- elegant with a hint of VOLS spirit... while Tommy's Dad... not so much. Howdy Doody called and wants his hat back.

Honey and her youngest boy, Tom (aka Pappy around these parts) at the Orange Bowl- probably while Tom was a student at UT. I can only hope to recreate this scene with one of my boys when they are grown... a must have on any mom/ UT grad's bucket list.

Tom and Audera made the trip to Arizona for the National Championship Sugar Bowl. This was a big day for them, as you can see from the matchy-matchy face paint. You see, Audera and Tom are both UT alumni, but better yet they are from Winchester.... for those not up on their UT trivia, this is from where Sir Phil Fulmer hails. Audera threw a big party for Phil Fulmer back in Winchester when he got the head coaching job. Legend has it this was a SERIOUS shin dig- cheerleaders, a band, orange puff paint-ribboned sweatshirts, and yes, orange puff paint ribboned Keds.

Here's a letter from Sir Phil to Our Lady Audera regarding the event:
We call this braggin rights in these parts, ya'll... just a few short steps away from celebrity.

Tommy and I back in 1998 on the strip with college friends...we scored some fantastic seats... and I FINALLY got to see UT beat Florida after Peyton *cough* blew *cough* it the whole time I was at UT. What an amazing game.

As Lady Jane of the Warmbrod Clan is now head Lady Orange (our Miss Vicki is a Buckeye), I am in charge of the most important part of the game: ensuring that all Warmbrods have orange clothing available in their current size. Must audit closets immediately. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't keep those puff painted- orange ribboned Keds that were in my basement- what.. was... I... thinking.

And I know what YOU'RE thinking. There are some haters out there determined to ruin this for us. Haters that know a certain side of the family's roots are wrapped up in what's known as a 'Code Red'. These angry types will try to slander a good name by, say, recalling Uncle Rob wearing his Alabama Crimson Tide jacket around the UT campus for a few years. In the spirit of full disclosure, this phenomena can be explained away with two little words: in-state tuition.

And for those other haters who would go on and on and on about how all the Warmbrods know is football, I'm here to put that little stereo-type to rest.... we also sing about baseball. Uppity types refer to this as well rounded.

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