Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brentwood Blaze Jamboree

It's late so I am cutting to the chase....My little man is #40 and it's his first year playing tackle football; he's played flag football for years. He made the top team in his age division- they are running some strange-to-me offense that doesn't include a quarterback, so he's on the offensive line this year. I am AMAZED that he loves playing in full pads in 92 degree weather when he doesn't even really touch the ball. It's like I gave birth to a gladiator. We've had roughly 20 straight weeknights of practice- with one night off- and he's loved every minute of it and hasn't complained once. He's managed tackles from some pretty big dudes and he holds his own. This is his team today running onto the field. Congrats to Blaze CCC on their first victory!

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