Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twins! The newest members of the Warmbrod household!

yes, our family has grown since my last blog entry...the twins have arrived! We haven't named them yet, but We have already begun the bonding process-I am blogging with one of them now! They are so adorable that Blaine & Drew haven't shown any signs of jealousy. Blaine loves playing games with them, and Drew begs to watch movies with them...I am adjusting to the demands- I find that I am much more distracted by the littlest things- it's a little overwhelming to be so accessible. One of the little guys accompanied Tommy on his biz trip this week. We'll keep everyone posted on our status as the bonding progresses.

Best Regards,
Janey W & Tommy W
The newest of the iPHONEatics

Our last family photo before 'the twins' arrived...

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