Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day

No pictures from this week as I was busy with the little one- it was 'Potty Camp Week' for Drew. He's 2 years and one month old which is about a month ahead of where big brother settled in on the throne. He graduates potty camp today and heads off to baby school tomorrow equipped with his new life skill. He's 100% trained now and the only little hurdle is that he's apparently a 'stand up pooper' which doesn't really work outside of the world of diapers. As I said before, potty training is not great blog material, but you gotta take the good with the bad, folks...cut a girl some slack...

We hit the pool a few times last week as well, watched some grande fireworks shows, frequented a Brentwood backyard BBQ or two. Tommy and Blaine cranked the mountain biking up a notch or two this weekend with some half pipe excursions in an undisclosed location. And thank you very much- I performed a couple of aerial flips on the Wigand's new trampoline for the kids just to prove that momma's still got it. Icing on this week's cake- we dusted off and hooked up Tommy's original ATARI game in the basement and it's good as new.

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