Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iron Sharpens Iron at My Latest Remote Office...

This week, Blaine is in sports camp at D1....I have set up a remote office of sorts in the bleachers- check out my remote D1 office here. D1 has a complimentary hotspot for hybrid moms like me and the random techie athlete. Armed with my laptop and cell phone, I can do just about anything my business demands with some modifications-I take client calls outside the building and I have yet to attempt a gotoassist from the stands. Being ever so resourceful, I took over an outlet near the water fountain to juice up when the old batteries get weak. Surprising how much more productive I am with the music pumping through the speakers and with athletic types timing 40s and pumping iron around me.

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Beth said...

Cool that you can squeeze in work time at the gym! The great thing about technology--you can work anywhere; also the downside of technology-you can work anywhere!
Um, I just stole some of your bike day pictures that my child is in, I hope you don't mind! I didn't get to be there that day, so it is cool to see her having fun on her trike. Also wanted to leave a comment since I feel like I am stalking you reading your blog in silence. Beth