Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Drew is Two!

Drew's birthday was Friday and the family celebrated in the back yard. Pappy and Vickie, his affianced, came all the way in from East Tennessee. Drew loves buses so I made him a special bus birthday cake.

Drew didn't waste time- he slipped and slided himself silly with big bro and the cousins.

As a bonus prize for his parents, Drew decided to gift us with using the potty on his birthday! We are in Potty 101,Phase I- Pottying First Thing in the morning (which is 5:45 for Drew). Potty talk is probably not good blog material, but if it's ever been your responsibility to force this life skill on another human being, you can relate to my excitement.

We spent the rest of Memorial Day weekend with bike excursions to various playgrounds, swimming at the new YMCA pool (which I am crazy for not taking pictures at, since it's so spectacular- blog post coming soon...)and hanging with cousins.

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