Saturday, November 7, 2009

The After Halloween Costume Parties

Blaine is off to a birthday costume party tomorrow. He needed a cool costume- fit for an 8 year old boy party. After a little brainstorming and collaborating, we came up with this ultra cool costume theme: 'Metallica Nashville Concert.'

After attending Dad's music appreciation classes during the car ride to school for years, Blaine was finally ready for a live event. When Metallica announced their first US tour stop would be Nashville, Tommy cashed in: he'd warmed me up to this idea years ago when he brought home the Metallica/ SF symphony collaboration CDs to listen to with our baby. Needless to say, when Metallica rolled into Nashville, the night was the concert event of a lifetime for both. After the show, Tommy was able to download the live Nashville event to his iphone for 10 bucks.

Background to the Background
Over a decade ago, Major-Metallica- fan Tommy had Metallica tickets two different times and never actually made it to the show. Seriously.

The costume
For the costume, Blaine will be sporting his Metallica concert T, grey camo shorts, with his ipod nano strapped in his armband (loaded with the Metallica concert). He'll hook the ipod to his guitar and blast the concert through the guitar speakers while playing along. I'm sure we'll tat him up and add a few other touches to the final costume, but here's a sneak peak:
I ache that he looks 13 instead of 8... but I must admit that he's a very handsome rocker... I shudder to think of the objects women will throw at him if he ever makes it to the big stage...

Seek and Destroy

Rockin Out

Speaking of great 80s music....

Janey had a rad time at the 80s Zumba Halloween encore last Sunday. Janey's costume theme: '80s rocker does jazzercise'.

Here's our 'Maniac' number.

I remember my little sis singing this song when she was like four- it was her favorite and she would sing, "Her's a maniac, maniac..." Adorable.

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